Back to Gamla Stan I went to tour one of the largest palaces in Europe, Stockholm Palace. This was the 2nd royal residence to be built on the grounds. Tre Kronor Castle constructed in the 13th century and ultimately destroyed in a fire in 1697. The remains can still, and were toured as a part of the current palace.

With the Royal Guardsmen standing out front, the palace is a beauty, carvings in sandstone adorn the facade, gravel fills the space between the stones and the interior is beautifully curated representing Swedish nobility of the time.

Royal Guards

Upon entering the Royal Apartments I was swept back to the 18th century. The tapestries that hand along the walls, chandeliers from the ceilings and furniture throughout are so beautifully preserved for all to enjoy.

Victorian Drawing Room, 1860
King Oskar II’s Study, 1870s
King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Jubilee Room, 1998

Karl XI’s Gallery

The remains of Tre Kronor have been well preserved and some even currently in use.

Fire Wood room, still in use
Oldest room in the palace, 13th Century


From the Palace to the Vasa Warship, finished in 1628 and retired the same year after just 1,400 yards of sailing led to its sinking in the Stockholm Harbor. Although this is referred to as one of the great failures, it has opened a window into the past with a fully intact 17th Century Warship having been preserved for all future generations to learn from. Salvaged in 1961, the Vasa Warship is a testimonial to communication and speaking up as the king’s subordinates lacked the courage to postpone the maiden voyage until further review of its build.

Although they are not royals, ABBA might as well be. Having formed in 1972, they took global presence just years later making one of the biggest names in the industry.

While visiting those great works of history, I was able to enjoy some wonderful views from the water taxis, too.

Lastly was the Museum of Photography, a beautifully curated collection of Scandinavian artist.

Finally capping off the evening with a stroll along the waterfront.

Stay tuned, stay curious!

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