9,800 Miles Later… Stockholm

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After a whirlwind amount of travel, Maui on Thursday to Stockholm on Sunday, with a quick stop in Florida in between I have finally arrived for my 2018 Swedish Vacation! With a walking tour of Gamla Stan, the Nobel Museum and a stroll through a couple parks, I’m satisfied with today’s start, even if it means my feet are swollen.

Stockholm, 2018

Some have asked why I chose Sweden, although the thought of canceling everything and searching for refunds to stay in Hawaii did cross my mind there’s something about this blue sky, historic architecture, Volvo, SAAB & IKEA producing Scandinavian land that has always had my attention, so why not!

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” Dalai Lama

Last year’s adventure started in Oslo, Norway which got my wheels turning. I didn’t have to use these airports as a kick off point but rather a starting point for a unique adventure.

In listening to my inner Dalai Lama, Sweden seemed like a great, new place to explore. Although it’s only Day 1, I am in love with this historic community. From initial views of The Royal Palace to the Nobel Museum and the wonderful Gamla Stan the culture and history has already peaked my interest.

Stortorget, Gamla Stan
Chess in the Park, Kungsträdgården

Dinner was an easy option once I looked at the Hotel Skeppsholmen’s menu, although they are not referred to as Swedish Meatballs, insert ignorant American joke here, they were better than I could have imagined.


I’ve picked up my Stockholm Pass and mapped out my adventures for Day 2!!

Stay tuned, stay curious!

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