After deciding a destination over eggs and potatoes, Upcountry was on the list for today. The drive through the once active sugar cane fields left the mind wondering how the island once looked. Farmers and machinery crossing the road ways producing sugar, growing the economy of the past.

Although I had seen the bottles in ABC Stores, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pulled off Omaopio Road into the Ocean Organic Vodka Farm and Distillery. The sweet tropical air was welcoming to the visitors roaming around.

Having had vodka made of potatoes, grain and rice before, this was a first for me, Sugar Cane. A variety of sugar cane are grown on property, only a few are used for the process. They harvest the sugarcane from their coastal view farm and crush and ferment the sugar wine that’s produced. Distilled through one of their columns to produce Kula Rum and through a second to create the velvety vodka.

A few of the varieties of Sugar Cane grown at the farm.

Their process also includes using Deep Sea Mineral water that’s sourced thousands of feet below the surface near the Big Island and desalinated. The water is not for sale in the USA for consumers, but thought of as a health drink in Japan due to its mineral content.

All said, the tour and incite into their process was informative but the views of the North and South Coast and Ian Valley State Park were worth it.

If you find Ocean Organic Vodka on the shelves, give it a shot.

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