Traveling along the Honoapiilani Highway, coffee in hand an adventure awaits! One of my favorite travel past times is scenic drives and this one does not disappoint. With views of the waves crashing along the beach and the island of Lanai in the background the car glides towards the brush fire scorched town of Lahaina.

As the road narrows and curves sharpen the views change from the resorts of Napili-Honokowai and Kapalua to the first sightings of Honolua Bay with its beautiful blues and greens against the weathered sky.

Knowing I’m going to return to the outlooks I enjoy every moment taking as many mental pictures as I can. Due to the previous day’s weather, the “Fallen Rocks” signs are not kidding today, thankfully there’s enough room to maneuver around these obstacles and continue my journey.

As I approach Kahakuloa Head, I am rendered speechless. The color of the ocean contrasting the eroded rock and vegetation. If continued, I would end up back in Kahului so I turn around to explore the outlooks.

Kahakuloa Head, Kahekili Highway

Navigation through the fallen rocks is a gentle reminder of the force of nature we just observed.

After a quick hike, perched atop a cliff with the mighty Pacific Ocean below, the Nakalele Blowhole was active, spraying with each crash of the waves. Tourist lining up to take selfies with the ocean formed geyser.

Nakalele Blowhole, Poelua Bay

The journey continued to Lahaina, a city that once was the center of the global whaling industry in the 19th Century. Although the town was without power and stores closed, it was still a reminder of the once capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaiian with the remnants of the coral fort walls to the historic sights including Brick Palace of Kamehameha I. A stroll down Front Street left much to the imagination as the pedestrian traffic was replaced with staff cleaning up and handwritten signs informing sales were cash only.

Maui’s oldest living Banyan Tree

As daylight remained, the road trip continued back East, paste Kihei & Wailea to the end of the road, Makena. The narrow road ventured along the coast with breathtaking turns and tight squeezes. Driving over the Ahihi-Kinau Lava Field towards La Perouse Bay revealed the newest addition to Maui. The once active hotspot erupted last in the 15th century. The rough A’a lava is a beautiful contrast against the coral riddled beach.

Ahihi-Kinau Lava Field
La Perouse Bay

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