After 14 hours of travel, I was greeted with Tropical humidity I so greatly missed on my Delta flights. Being from Florida comes with a demand for moisture in the air. The first sight of the West Maui Mountains set a smile across my face that still hasn’t faded 7 days into this trip.

As I venture to my hotel in Kihei I get the first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Just from the seat of my rental car I begin dreaming of the feel of the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves crashing in the surf. I was not disappointed, the sky’s were cloudy and the sun was making appearances as I enjoyed knowing Hawaii would be my replacement home for the next couple months.

Although this week is like nothing I could have imagined, I still took advantage the dry moments and the wet ones, too. With Hurricane Lane looming to the East, the first part of the week was business as usual at a new site, introductions and kickoff meetings. However, the tides quickly turned as the impending storm strengthened and turned our normalcy into Hurricane Prep. Throughout the week we continued to see countless families evacuate from paradise, leaving the resorts in Wailea in a state of emptiness, restaurants closed, pools empty and staff unsure what the Hurricane Lane held for them.

CNN, August 23

Thankfully our little spot on the island chain was saved from flooding, fires and power outages. Friday was spent unsure if the rains would ever cross to the Leeward side of the island. As Hurricane Lane continued to slow down its trek across the Pacific Ocean so did the island. Businesses were closed, but the beach goers surfers were out enjoying the waves as they crashes on the outer reefs. The state may have put up signs, but that was not stopping anyone from enjoying themselves.

Kalama State Park, Kihei

As the sun set through the clouds, Hurricane Lane was downgraded and the weather rolled in. A gentle rain moistened this tropical paradise.

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